The Discovering the Orchestra workshop allows students to familiarize themselves with the instruments of the symphony orchestra, to discover how the brass works and to experiment with certain parameters of ensemble playing. As a challenge, the activity begins with the distribution of an instrument picture to each student. The participants are then grouped together by family of instruments. The objective is first of all to learn to differentiate the families of instruments and to discover their own tones, as well as their playing techniques (rubbed or plucked strings for the string family, struck or scraped instruments. for the percussion family, etc.). Sound and video clips support learning. Second, the students identify the different families of instruments within the orchestra using a giant image. Realizing that there are so many musicians in an orchestra, students understand the importance of the role of the conductor, the maestro! In addition to learning some conducting basics, students learn the basics of the rhythmic notation system in classical music, and experience it through a participatory game. In the last interactive part of the workshop, students dissect each part of a brass, starting with the mouthpiece, without forgetting the pistons! They see in detail how an instrument works: the trumpet with Fred, the tuba with Sam. Virtuoso demonstrations and well-known musical excerpts await you. Students can touch and take apart a real trumpet. To finish with music, the students are invited to simulate a concert. On the sound excerpt Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra by Britten and grouped into families like an orchestra, the students pretend to play the instruments they have been assigned, under the guidance of the host turned conductorestre.

Discovering the Orchestra workshop