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Born in Drummondville in 1975, Aelin Zachaël, (Jocelyn Guilmette), studied music from the age of 7. His path is already clear and he continues his studies in music in high school, at Cégep de Drummondville, then at Cégep St-Laurent in jazz arrangements (Ville St-Laurent, Montreal). He studies violin, flutes, saxophones, piano and guitar and develops his skills in classical, traditional, ancient, jazz and popular music.

In 1998, he moved to Quebec. In the years that followed, he performed on stages in Canada, Europe and the United States with various renowned artists (Gilles Vigneault, les Batinses, S'N'Club, les Gitans de Sarajevo, Orchester symphonique de Montreal, Orchester symphonique de Québec…) and actively participates in the artistic community of Quebec City. We find him within the group Orioxy, the early music ensemble Anonymus, the Quebec musical improvisation league.


He participates in the Montreal Jazz Festival, and regularly plays Jazz at the Clarendon, at the Fou bar, at the St-Antoine ... He also collaborates on theatrical projects: "Mademoiselle Camille" with Martin Genest for the Musée des Beaux-arts from Quebec, "Rubato" with Christian Vézina at the "Premier Acte" auditorium and an ongoing project on string theory with Robert Lepage and scientist Brian Green ...



He adds his touch on many recordings (Gilles Vigneault, Georges Hamel, Raoul, the Gitans de Sarajevo, the Batinses, S'N'Club, Full tam-tam, Orioxy ...) and composes pieces for the Jazz ensemble. "Trio Jocelyn Guilmette" with Guy Bergeron on guitar and Pierre Côté on double bass. In 2004, he received a CALQ research and creation grant for this trio.




Anna (Audrey Marleau) was born in Buckingham in the Outaouais region in 1981. She studied Cinema at the Cégép de St-Laurent, completed her studies in 1998 and continued her career in the artistic world.

In 2000, she did a Young Volunteers project to learn the art of puppetry and created a giant puppet show "With one stone, two birds" with the help of the puppeteer of the Théâtre de l'Oœil, Pierre Tremblay. She moved to Matane and developed the circus arts (juggling, fire eater, stilt walker, costume and mask creation) with the Délérium troupe. At the same time, she learned the transverse flute, singing, guitar, piano and accordion. In 2001, she did a 3-month internship in France with the Russian Banal-Molotov troupe to learn Gapit puppet techniques and traditional papier-mâché. In 2002, following an OFQJ grant, she presented her second creation Marionnettes en mer at the Maison du Québec in Saint-Malo with the storyteller Éveline Ménard. Here she is interested in hand puppets. This show which combines storytelling, music and puppets tells the legends of the Îles-de-la Madeleine.

In the winter, she learns the art of mime at the OMNIBUS school in Montreal. Also in 2002, she made her first string puppets and created the show Chouia, a poetic tale without words that will be performed at the Maniganse festival in Jonquière in 2004, at the Quebec summer festival in 2005, at the just for laughs festival in 2006. , at the Musée de la civilization in Quebec in 2007, in various libraries in Quebec and various Maison de la Culture in Montreal in 2008 ... In 2003 and 2004, Anna volunteered to participate in the production Les survivants (L'Autre et Gretchen) of Pupulus Mordicus Theater in Quebec. She then continued an internship in Jonquière on wooden puppets with the master puppeteer Petr Matasek of the Drak Theater in Prague. In the spring, she took an internship in Montreal on the manipulation of puppet-objects and scenic interpretation with the French master François Lazaro, director of the Clastic Théâtre de Vichy. In the winter, Anna works for the theater at the end of the world by Louis Bergeron and contributes to the creation of the show SOS Paix.


In 2005, she participated in the Chinese shadows of the production "Mademoiselle Camille" by Martin Genest at the Musée des Beaux-arts in Quebec. In August 2006, she took a stage on stage presence with Pol Pelletier. In December, she participated as a puppeteer in the show Déparaillé: homage to Gaston Miron with Christian Vézina and Robert Lalonde at the Grande Bibliothèque de Montréal. In 2008, she participated in the Brèves de Casteliers in Montreal with a show in progress: Cashâm. From 2008 to 2019, with her accomplice Aelin Zachaël, she created 5 puppet shows, 5 music shows and recorded 10 self-produced albums of music and songs. In 2019, she participated in a songwriting workshop for singer-songwriters with David Marin in Petite-Vallée and the path continues ...


Anna and Aelin Zachaël


It was in 2004 that Anna and Aelin met. With Anna, Aelin Zachaël develops the skills of a puppeteer. With Aelin, Anna takes an in-depth look at her musical talents. The duo creates numerous puppet and musical shows that transport us to a colorful universe imbued with gentleness and tenderness. They make their puppets and their decorations mainly out of wood and papier-mâché and experiment with various techniques (masks, fads, hand puppets, string puppets, etc.). Anna writes the stories, Aelin the music. They lend their voices to the characters and play musical instruments on the magnificent soundtracks that accompany their shows. The duo perform across Quebec on various stages during festivals, in libraries, community halls, cultural centers, municipal celebrations, schools and perhaps at home!




  • Puppet shows

  • Chouia, string puppets and music in 2005

  • Cashâm, string puppets, puppets and music in 2008

  • Crazy characters, walking puppet animation and music in 2006

  • Renardo is nervous! marionettes and marionettes, soundtrack in 2016

  • A magical Christmas, string puppets, pet dogs, girdles, masks, soundtrack in 2017

  • Funny birds walking animation mascots in driftwood in 2019


Music shows:

  • Paths of life - folk song, composition in 2013

  • Merry Christmas ! - songs cover in 2014

  • My heart is a violin - song cover in 2015

  • Comme un soleil - song cover in 2016

  • AnnaSens - Rediscover the day folk song, compositions in 2019


Music Albums:

  • "Gold" flute duets compositions in 2007

  • "Landscapes" violin and poetry compositions in 2008

  • "Peace and Splendor" piano-voice compositions in 2009

  • "All butterflies touch the stars" lullabies compositions in 2010

  • "Ocean of Love" piano and words of love compositions in 2010

  • "Sun Love Mantras" Known and lesser known mantras in 2012

  • "Chemins de vies" song compositions in 2013

  • " Merry Christmas ! »Song from 2014

  • "My heart is a violin" song from the past, covered in 2015

  • "Comme un soleil" song covers in 2016

  • "AnnaSens - Rediscover the day" folk song compositions in 2019


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