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Introduction to the African sanza (thumb piano)


The musicians of Sanza Percussions will make you travel in the ancestral and captivating world of African melodies played on the sanza. With simple and melodic pieces, participants will learn ancient sanza music as well as basic fingering techniques while learning the development of a traditional African melody since each participant will have their own sanza to practice.


Content of the workshop:

  • Presentation and demonstration of the sanza (origin, characteristics, sounds and more.)

  • Exploration of the sanza and learning of playing techniques, rhythms and basic exercises.

  • Presentation of the elements of our rhythmic language and notions in relation to creation.

  • Introduction to the creative process: composition of music by the participants and experimentation with them in groups.

  • This workshop allows the participant to develop listening and openness to the world while stimulating his imagination, his motor skills and his concentration. We want to encourage openness to new worlds, promote curiosity and awaken the desire to learn.



Please call us.


If you have any questions about this program, call us at 450.563.2293 or request more information by filling out the form.

Available also in French


Cahier pédagogique

Maternelle-3e année

Cahier pédagogique 4-7e année

Cahier pédagogique 


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