Tales by Nia Skweda Sibosimis

Available in French only


1-My Canoe

2-My Trail

3-When the wind turns around


Manitouabeouich is an Aboriginal Anichinabe (Algonquin) who lived at the beginning of the 18th century. He invites you to go with him, to follow him. Accompany him in this Nordic vastness with the decor of the early days, with images of a rich and grandiose nature. On his “trail” which takes him to his canoe, on the river and in its portages, everything takes on a deep, spiritual meaning. He finds his life and shares with you his interior moments

Nia Skweda Sibosimis's legend

I am fire and water

Directly inspired by the traditional sacred teachings that the author receives regularly from the woman medicine Samanîa. From historical readings, from his travels in the Southwest of the United States and from his native name given by Samanîa who is of Iroquois ancestry, Ojibwe , Mik'mak, and Abénaquise as well as his grandmother Délîa, the author transports us to a universe where the landscapes, the rituals and the quest of Nia are in communion with the wisdom of the ancient peoples.


with Gisèle Ndong

(Available in french only)


Tika in the face of death

45 minutes. Reflection on the uprooting and the importance that humans give to their traditions. Serious theme carried out in a comic fashion!


Tika discovers God

25 minutes to savor! Ideal for discussion of values ​​in an intercultural context.


Live for two

45 minutes. Is a bad start the sign of a bad ending? A beautiful tale about resilience. Moving!


The legend of the king of Africa

50 minutes. Beautiful journey through time immemorial. A beautiful legend on the continent!


Dzam or the apology for respect for difference

30 minutes. Moving!

Tika is spending the holidays in the village!

A child's naive and amazed look at adults and their ways of doing things. Naughty!

 Tika has a stomach ache

25 minutes. Other times, other customs, titanic shock of values! Tricky!


Tika and the two little colored pills!

45 minutes. Taboo subject: The married life of the elderly and its difficulties. Naughty!


Tika and domestic violence

45 minutes. Funny as you wish!


Visit to the sorcerer

1 hr. Culture shock, intergenerational gap, down to earth, and surprising!


Contes et chansons traditionnels de Gaetane Breton  (A venir)

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