The quest of Mamuk, a ten-year-old native, who by playing his flute enters the world of animal spirits. They advise Mamuk, on how to settle conflicts peacefully.

Papou the dragon

Inspired by the happiness of the time spent with his grandson Sam. The author plunges us into a fantastic world where the imagination of childhood is married with the tenderness and love of a timeless encounter.

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This little half-hair and half-feather character (tales from the Bas-du-Fleuve), becomes the big one of the moment and fascinates children with his mischievous side. This workshop includes traditional songs, tales and percussion games (bones, spoons).

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       Patate Poil

At the creation of the world, shortly after the big Bigbang, Maman Gaïa gives birth to the first form of life: a hairy potato named Patate Poil.

(Available in French only)

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Tales of the Congo

Virtual and interactive story where children will be required to memorize and repeat word sequences at the request of the storyteller.

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