Initiation to a more natural and ecological eating

An introduction to a healthier and more ecological diet. Tips for using almost all the parts of vegetables that are usually discarded. Nutritional values and information on ingredients throughout the workshop.


     Introduction to natural eating

Depending on the season and the fresh produce available, we offer you a choice:           1- Simple no-bake snacks                                                                                                     2- Zero-waste cuisine, discover recipes with what you probably throw away that               you can eat                                                                                                                         3- Side dishes: veggie-pâté, hummus, tabbouleh

     4- Healthy desserts


     Workshop for children
With an adult, a grandparent, no bake recipes                         



      Specialized workshop


    1- Sprouting on soil and on water

    2- Fermentation of vegetables

    3- Vegetable milk cheeses

    4- Dehydration






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