Floribert BANTSIMBA passionate about culture and the Arts, comedian storyteller, puppeteer, percussionist and makes African masks and puppets. Originally from Congo-Brazzaville.

In 1990, he joined a professional theatrical troupe, the MBONGUI theater of Jean-Louis OUAKABAKA artistic director and director and worked in collaboration on several theatrical creations. In 2001, he embraced the art of puppetry with the very first Marionette Theater Company MARICO (Puppet of the Congo) directed by Fine POATY and participated in several creations and festivals in DR Congo.

Worker in cultural animation with children and young people in Quebec and organizes various workshops around African art.

2018 founded L'INTRCULTUR'ARTS EN SCÈNE in Montreal, artistic director with two creations: A trip to the heart of Central Africa masks and values, a tale / puppet / mask on the history of African masks. Also Creator, assistant director and actor of the theatrical and storytelling adaptation of Wapiti orphan and calabash with the collaboration of Catherine Simard, show presented for the first time at the Ottawa Public Library last June and continuing its 2019-2020 tour across Quebec.

He likes to share some tales with children fond of stories and universes full of colors and music which they will transmit in turn.

In Africa, he was surrounded by griot musicians (heirs to the Kongo culture, passed down from generation to generation orally) that he adopted by recreating the entire universe of this culture.

For him, tales remain alive thanks to sharing, it is a great pleasure for those who listen but also for those who tell ...

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