Nia Skweda Sibosimis is of Algonquin Métiss descent. A graduate in music education from Laval University in Quebec Canada, Nia Skweda Sibosimis (Patrick Therrien) has taught music in Quebec schools for 33 years.


Along with his work he has played music in several groups of different styles and composed hundreds of pieces and recorded six albums.

Full-time musician since 2017 his time is divided between compositions, rehearsals, concerts and writing tales and legends.

Since 2015 Nia Skweda Sibosimis has been composing and performing his works on flutes in native styles. He performs in shows with different collaborators depending on the circumstances. Since 2016, he has produced two albums (Watopeka).

He won an international Akademia award for the month of May 2019, two times finalist at the World Songwriting Awards, 4th place with the piece Le Danseur du Temps and 3rd place with Cercle de Vie in the world music category.

Recently, the album Watopeka ... the First Ascent, was nominated for the Native American Music Awards in three categories. Best instrumental music album, best music album in the world and best production.

In 2020, participation in two International competitions: Native American Style Flute Awards. Finalist in the New Age category and Finalist in the Best Indigenous flutist category.

Also, at the Akademia Music Awards, winner Artist of the year World Beat and winner Best Vision in the field of music among approximately 10,000 participants.


Partie 2: Ma Trail


Roch Manitouabeouich revient de sa saison d’hiver, passée sur son territoire ancestral.  Il a des choses à vous raconter.

Dans ce deuxième conte musical, le personnage raconte son aventure sur le lac Kininikinick et ses prises de conscience. Toujours dans un style « oralité » mais avec de nouvelles compositions, Nia Skweda Sibosimis vous fait vivre des moments singuliers où la nature, la survie, la famille et l’introspection vous amènent à réfléchir vous aussi sur votre propre vie.

Les nouvelles compositions très intenses et même épiques, apportent un soutien remarquable aux émotions du personnage et vous font vivre un voyage dans le temps.