Introduction to the Nkuu

The Nkuu (pronounced "Nkou") is one of the earliest human communication tools found mainly in Central Africa. It is a sacred wooden drum with slits, cylindrical in shape, which is used to communicate by imitating the human voice with its bass, treble and neutral tones, and their combinations.

It is the expression of our languages ​​in music!

It is used in traditional dances and events, healing sessions, simple conversations, and announcements of life, such as a birth.


With communication through rhythms and its tones, playing instruments, singing, demonstrating with small dance steps specific to each of the rhythms, Atna Njock calls on everyone's creativity.


Grandson of a traditional tribal chief, he was initiated from an early age into several musical traditions of African tribes including his own, the Bàsàa tribe as well as the Baka pygmies of Cameroon. Later he studied the Western tonal system and contemporary musical varieties of the world. The workshop is interactive and usually everyone has the chance to play the instruments in turn. But the artist adapts the workshop according to the circumstances.


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