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With Gaetane Breton

Learn about our Quebec traditions by associating our percussions with songs or reels.


Traditional percussions: spoons, bones, podorythmia with the feet, jig, gigueux man, bodhram, reels with mouth which imitate the sound of the violin.


Learning spoons with about twenty attached spoons, pedometer and jig.


Animation of a square dance comprising several dance figures, including jig.

* Educational book

* About twenty attached spoons available

G. assise avec cuillère.jpeg

Découvrir les traditions québécoises en associant nos percussions à des chansons. Percussions traditionnelles: cuillères, os, podorythmie aux pieds, gabarit, homme gigueux, bodhram, moulinets à bouche qui imitent le son du violon. Cuillères d'apprentissage avec une vingtaine de cuillères, podomètre et gabarit. Animation d'une danse carrée comprenant plusieurs figures de danse, dont la gigue.


Please call us.


If you have any questions about this program, call us at 450.563.2293 or request more information by filling out the form.

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