Sacred Wolf Singers, created by Tee Cloud, shares traditional First Nations powwow music from across North America.

The project aims to connect people and territories through performances rooted in the purest tradition.

Traditional songs sometimes come from visions. The sky, the sun, the water, the earth, the animals ... Some are ancient, they date back to nearly 3000 years in the history of the Mi'kmaq and have been sung since then in sacred ceremonies.


The powwow songs that Tee Cloud creates often also come in visions. Some are in the Mi'kmaq language and others are intended to accompany certain pow wow dances.

Each song serves a purpose "so we are united as a collective to keep our traditions and our songs alive".


The group performs on the large powwow drum and also hand drums at some events.


Tee Cloud is accompanied by a dancer in traditional clothes. It introduces each song or dance with explanations, either on the origin or the meaning of the song or the dance.