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Passionate and purists, experience a historic journey to the heart of the 20s and 30s, to conquer the very source of acoustic blues. For 25 years, Jitterbugswing has been transmitting its passion for the roots of the blues to us. This couple / duo makes us discover all the ramifications of the genre, from the balconies of the borders of the Mississippi to the brothels of New Orleans, through the ghettos of Chicago. A spectacle as visual as it is sound, which sometimes rocks you, sometimes you devilishly!


Marc Champagne
Editeur Arts Blues

“When it comes to the original sounds and melodies of Blues music, sometimes we feel like it all got lost in time. Well, the Montreal band Jitterbug Swing offers us a blatant denial of this assertion through the album "Who's Gonna Glove your Hand?" In all, twenty pieces that will make you relive these sounds straight out of a world that one might think has disappeared forever. Guitarist Brian Edgar (originally from London and singer Danielle Lemieux (Montreal) achieve this feat on their own thanks to this musical magic composed of a relevant use of instruments such as the acoustic guitar also played in slide and dobro mode and the banjo. , as well as that of the washtub bass, all coupled with a unique voice that literally takes us on a journey to this blessed period of the birth of the Blues. Their objective being to reproduce as faithfully as possible the original sound of the Blues. roots of the Blues while incorporating their personal touch.

A mission that they accomplish with exceptional brilliance !!! "

Marleen Provencal

The wonderful Jitterbug Swing that I discovered at the Montreal Arts Festival last weekend. I bought your cd and it plays nonstop and it puts me in a joy not possible ... I ADOOOOOOORE !!!!!!

I feel like I'm on a trip to New Orleans listening to you. What a voice ! What a guitar! And what a beauty this street spectacle is. Why not come to Quebec one of these days? This city needs your warmth. I have only one regret: having bought just ONE cd!

Come on, long life to both of you and thank you for all this beauty.

Gaston Boucher
L'annonceur. St-Jerome


Last Sunday evening, the Jérômiennes and the Jérômiens rediscovered with joy and enthusiasm, their Concerts-Walks. They were more than five hundred come to hear the excellent duo Jitterbug Swing.

A very special duo formed by singer Danielle Lemieux and guitarist Brian Edgar. A duo which first fascinates with the instruments it uses; for example, have we ever seen a performer perched on a washing tub that she vibrates as an accompaniment by means of a string? Gifted with a voice that one would think straight from the '20s, she performs in her own way and the thing is perhaps not as easy as you think, pieces that reminds us of New Orleans. or the Central United States. By all the means at her disposal, Danielle Lemieux quickly establishes contact with her listeners who quickly become admirers.

All those who attended the Concert-Promenade on Sunday evening quickly discovered through their gestures and mimicry, a music that they had perhaps forgotten. Even the children who were very numerous on the Promenade that evening demonstrated by their attitude that they too had succumbed to the charm of this music which, however, was not quite their age.

Brian Edgar has demonstrated that he is a high class guitarist. In addition to specializing in an infinite number of variations of traditional blues, this artist masters his instrument in an exceptional way by bringing out the clear and somewhat aggressive sound characteristic of musicians of the 1920s. quite simply a pleasant discovery. The reactions of the crowd at the end of each performance leave no doubt about this assessment.

Claude Coté

Jitterbug Swing are the roots champions. But what an amazing duo! Jug bands, washing tub, gazous; in short, a time machine. To better understand all the ramifications of the blues and its origins.

Louise Dugas

PJitterbug Swing, the most popular acoustic duo in Quebec, pays homage to the blues of the 20s and 30s. Now is the time to see someone playing bass with a wash tub.

Marie-Josée Montminy
Le Nouvelliste

Danielle Lemieux appeared on stage, climbed onto a washing tub, put her hands on a broomstick; Was it cleaning time at Champlain Park? No. Danielle Lemieux, half of the Jitterbug Swing duo settled down to her handcrafted instrument, while her accomplice Brian Edgar, gripped her guitar to inaugurate Trois-Rivières' first blues evening.


Jitterbug Swing set the tone for an epic in the depths of the soul, soberly but intensely bringing us back to the roots of the blues.
What is more musically authentic than the lament of an old guitar and the muffled cadence of an artisanal double bass to accompany a warm and rich voice like that of Danielle Lemieux?

The duo honored the blues classics of the first era. If the blues were a flower, Jitterbug Swing will have made us explore its roots.

Genevieve Bouffard
Le Fleuve, Carleton

Carleton in heat

The blues is there, you can believe me: I saw and heard it in all its splendor and its diversity ... So many artists, and it would be impossible to present them all to you. I will simply tell you about those who seduced me during my pilgrimage around the twenty sites. At the Café l'Indépendante first, the Jitterbug Swing, a duo from Montreal that plays in the blues of the thirties, surprised and charmed me with its unusual sound to say the least. It must be said that the singer has a round voice like the moon and plays, guess what ... from the washing tub!

The blues will return to Carleton.
... the festival is a complete success. In addition, some finds were great: the one, among others, to offer a dinner talk on the history of the blues I really liked. The information given, in a friendly atmosphere, allowed the audience to appreciate this music that we generally know little about and to distinguish the different styles. Especially since the wonderful Montreal duo Jitterbug Swing was present, with their period instruments, to illustrate and enhance the speaker's words.

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