The only available show in

english is Froyd The Elf Jugler.


and traditions

of the Nouvelle-France

in the years 50

The Christmas season is full of fun and authentic anecdotes that the artist enjoys telling and humming. In duet with Charles Johnson on guitar, flute and violin.

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The story transports you to the magic of Christmas through the memories of Ti-Nes, a friendly old man who is waiting for his grandson to give him a nice surprise ...

Looking for a dansing Mother Christmas

Christmas story accompanied by the dance of African puppets. 

Enter the imagination of Santa Claus looking for a dancing Santa Claus and participate in the strategy of this choice with the melodies of the holiday season.

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FROYD The Elf Jugler

Conifer juggling and other incredible demonstrations await you. An interactive, friendly, impressive and totally humorous show. Which will appeal to both children and the whole family!

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