Shows for young audiences, waders, songwriting, storytellers, tightrope walkers, gumboots, jugglers, puppeteers and Quebec history (most of these are available in French only).

The only two available shows in english are Unusual Circus & Paradox The Pirate.

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Potato Hair
the hairy puppet
At the creation of the world, shortly after the big Bigbang, Maman Gaïa gives birth to the first form of life: a hairy potato named Potato Poil.
The Most Beautiful Trip
Musical journey for toddlers through five musical instruments from five continents

Samuel de Champlain's


In words and music, the important moments in the life of this great explorer father of New France, founder of Quebec, but also of New France extending over a vast territory. Nine songs about Champlain, the order of Bon Temps, Champlain's daughters, great families and others.


A CD-book is offered to schools as well as an educational booklet


The trio show with musicians Gilles Plante on old instruments and Michel Robidoux on midi guitar.


For 2nd and 3rd cycle students.

Renardo is nervous

A magical moment for the whole family! The wonderful world of puppets comes your way. In this fairy tale where animals coexist with elves, Anna and Aelin Zachaël show you their sculpted wooden string puppets. The children sing and marvel.

   Planet in


Interactive show that combines music and theater with an overflowing imagination. Zagor enjoys building musical instruments and playing in the forest. Namu is the soft-spoken elf, who discovers that the river is poisoned.

The Unusual Circus
Juggling, hilarious humor, magic and extraordinary prowess. A funny and participatory show that will appeal to young people as well as parents.

Tales and traditional songs with Poiléplume 

This interactive service is contagiously dynamic. Poiléplume, this little half-hair and half-feather character (tales from the Bas-du-Fleuve), becomes the big one of the moment and fascinates children with his mischievous side. This workshop includes traditional songs, tales and percussion games (bones, spoons)

Paradox the pirate

A master of juggling and prowess; but his thoughtlessness will get him into trouble more than once, to the children's delight.


The perilous foundation of Ville-Marie

This show, which mixes songs and stories, tells the highlights of the founding of Ville_marie around the essential characters: Jeanne Mance, Maisonneuve and Marguerite Bourgeoys. A power point composed of tables recounting each stage of the founding of Ville-Marie adds to the understanding of this turbulent history on the island of Montreal at the crossroads of the Algonquins, the Hurons and the Iroquois. Twelve songs were composed to celebrate a major event in the history of our country. A CD-book is offered. The trio show with musicians Gilles Plante and Andrew Ells-Oberegger, with Nouvelles-France instruments such as harp, lute, bagpipes and various drums and percussions. For the 2nd and 3rd cycle.


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