Passion for the health of body and mind


  • 40 years of studies in dance, movement, breathing and stretching

  • 35 years of study in meditation and relaxation

  • 30 years of studies in personal growth and shamanism

  • 7 years of studies in energy care



Stretching skills:

  • Assessment of tone, flexibility and ability to move

  • Goal setting

  • One-off and continuous reassessment

  • Adaptation for special conditions

  • Permanent monitoring of body alignment

  • Ease of communication

  • Understanding of body mechanics

  • Development of body awareness

  • Soft approach

  • Dramatization and good humor

  • Anatomical knowledge


Types of clientele: gentle and effective fitness for:


  • adults

  • sportsmen

  • workers

  • retirees

  • people with reduced and very reduced mobility


Benefits: Easier to carry out daily life tasks and to practice any leisure or sport activity.


More calm and clarity of mind, better management of emotions, better decision-making capacity and positive action

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Training and Development:



Other workshops:

  • Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, Padovan, Thérèse Bertherat, various yoga classes, EMF Balancing Yoga technique, taoist and chuan tai chi, chi-gong, classical ballet, jazz and oriental, aerobic dance and others


Energy care practitioner:

  • EMF Balancing technique®, phases 1 to 12

  • Access Bars Consciousness®

  • Access Bars Facelift®

  • Access Bars Body Processes®

  • Meditation

  • Metamorphic massage

  • Energy drainage

  • Unitary Reiki

  • Luminessence

  • Asam (activation of DNA spirals and meridians)

  • Merkabah (field activation)

  • Chakra cleansing


Accredited by: Françoise Lavoisier, Souvenance®, Piedmont, Quebec

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Others formations :

  • Certificate in Nonviolent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg 2004

  • The Center for Non Violent Communication, Quebec, Quebec

  • University studies in creativity, foundations and methods 1990-1992

  • University of Montreal, Quebec

  • Bachelor of Arts; specialization in translation 1987

  • Concordia University, Montreal