-How to prepare a Gumboots animation;

-Presentation of history and origins of Gumboots;

-How to work with different parts of the body; 

-How to work the memory of movements, steps, choreographies;

-How to understand music, rhythm and our body in space;

-How to integrate all children;

-Listening and observation games & Rhythm exercises to experiment with gumboots; 

-The dialogue of the boots;

-Variation of movements (boots, ground, hands, etc);

-How to encourage children to express themselves;

-How to organize the appropriate warm-up period;

-Initiation to the learning of basic rhythms; 

-How to improvise and create other movements;


At the end of the day, all participants will be able to train gumboots and present a short number


BENEFITS: This workshop will work several essential points for good development: Concentration, memory, coordination, trust, surpassing oneself, teamwork, open and interested attitude, quick and positive adaptation to change, focus on purpose, pleasure to see each other succeed, collective and individual pride and the strength of differences. The benefits of this training are that participants will be able to reproduce it without investment in equipment.