Trevor Ferrier comes from a family of Scottish origin.

At the age of 11, he began studying with John Blair Kerr, Scottish snare drum master. Later on, himself becoming a specialist in this field of study, he won the North American Solo Percussion Championship for three consecutive years.

In 1978, he formed the Celtic group Rare Air, with Pat O'Gorman, Grier Coppins and guitarist Richard Murai. Rare Air then recorded five albums, and went on a North American and European tour for a period of ten years.

In 1989, Trevor discovered African percussion and sanza with the Cameroonian musician Njacko Backo. With Njacko, he then participated in the group Kalimba Kalimba, with which he recorded five other albums.

In 2004, Trevor met Sadio Sissokho, a kora player and percussionist of Senegalese origin. With Sadio, he founded the Mafrica group.

In 2009, Trevor met the balafon master, Naby Camara and immersed himself in the study of this instrument, which inspired him to rethink the use of the sanza. In collaboration with the instrument maker Stephen Woloshyn, he then invented a sanza which employs the same melodic distribution as the kora. With this new instrument in his hands, he begins a whole new collaboration with Sadio which eventually leads to the creation of the group Sanza Percussions and Sadio Sissokho.

Trevor and Sadio created Sanza Percussions and Sadio Sissokho to further explore the melodic tradition of West African music. In 2011, Trevor worked with a second sanza player, François Séguin. They created a polyphonic style rich in harmonies and counter-melodies and, with the addition of Julie-Anne Ricard in 2014, they added calabash and cajon percussions to liven up the rhythmic energy of this ancient music.

In 2016, Sanza Percussions and Sadio Sissokho launched “Kora Sanza Fusion”, an album of eleven songs recorded by Emmanuel Lavigne of Valmedia. The group has performed at the Nuits d'Afrique Festival as well as at the Balattou Club and the National Monument.

In 2017, the group presented two videos - “A recap of the show at the Maison de la culture Villebon de Beloeil” and “Sadio Sissokho chante Miniyamba”.

In 2017, the group began a collaboration with jazz saxophonist Bryan Highbloom, who also plays sanza. In 2018, Sanza Percussions and Sadio Sissokho released the first video of this collaboration - “Live Studio Session” with Bryan Highbloom on soprano sax @ Coop des Musiciens- “Le Symphonique”.


In the fall of 2018, Sanza Percussions and Sadio Sissokho were selected to participate in the 8th edition of MUZ la Vitrine des musiques métissées, presented by Vision Diversité.